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Why use laser dazzler and what are the characteristics

by:XinXing     2020-09-05
In recent years, the development trend of anti-terrorism and anti-riot situation at home and abroad has put forward higher requirements for police weapons. Special occasions require police weapons to function effectively without causing unnecessary harm to the target. In response to this demand, the market has developed a police laser dazzler. The police laser dazzler is equipped with a powerful laser, an intelligent control system, and a high-precision zoom lens. Ensure the effectiveness and safety of the weapon. The shell made of high-strength reinforced nylon material through high-precision molds can meet the combat requirements under special conditions, while ensuring the consistency and stability of the product.

The laser dazzler has an identity authentication function. When this function is turned on and the distance between the dazzler and the authorized module exceeds 1m, the laser dazzler will not be fired, which fully guarantees the safety of the laser dazzler. In addition, the police officers who actually use the dazzler can be distinguished through the authorization module (each dazzler can be equipped with multiple authorization modules, and each authorized module can be individually numbered, corresponding to the corresponding police officer) to facilitate internal management.

The police laser dazzler adopts the world's most efficient and small high-power all-solid-state laser, which emits an adjustable elliptical spot, which acts on the eyes of the target, causing the target to lose sight for 10 to 60 seconds. , Without causing any permanent damage (non-injury). It fully guarantees its effectiveness and safety as a non-injury anti-riot weapon. It is currently a high-tech individual non-injury laser weapon in the world.
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