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Will it be heatstroke when it is hot?

by:XinXing     2020-06-25
Although it is not yet August, but the temperature in these two days has exceeded 30 ℃, the people's police who are required to wear bulletproof vests will think that it is necessary to wear Gu'an bulletproof vest drills on such a hot day. Will I get heat stroke? The average person wears a thin layer of clothing in the summer, which is too hot. Then wear a Gu'an body armor. I dare not imagine how cumbersome, Gu'an editor must stand up and tell everyone that in fact wear Gu'an body armor It doesn’t feel like wearing a cotton jacket in summer. Let’s see what’s inside. The Gu’an body armor is mainly made of bullet-proof steel plates and high bullet-proof fibers. The higher the level, the thicker the bullet-proof steel plate will be and the weight will increase, but overall In other words, the heat conduction and heat dissipation of the steel plate is quite fast, and it is a vest style, and the heat dissipation effect will be better. The Gu'an body armor itself has high breathability in summer wear, so the above wearing body armor will not be a direct cause of heatstroke.
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