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Will military infrared thermal imaging technology

by:XinXing     2020-05-20
From the development of night vision goggles to infrared thermal imaging technology, the troops now have a more definite way of strengthening night operations. This undoubtedly puts the sniper in an awkward position. Because the detection distance of many infrared night vision cameras is now several kilometers, and the world ’s farthest sniper killing record is 3450 meters, a Canadian special force used a TAC-50 heavy sniper rifle and was killed in the Iraq war. An enemy 3450 meters away, the bullet flew for 10 seconds. But this distance is the distance that infrared night vision can detect, so if the sniper is 'beheading', will it be exposed in advance? First of all, the first thing a qualified sniper must learn is how to camouflage himself. Camouflage camouflage and terrain camouflage are both ways to avoid enemy detection. Snipers all have special auspicious suits. This auspicious suit is mixed with special materials. The color is generally chosen to be close to the combat environment to effectively shield infrared detection. Especially now there are more powerful camouflage nets, which can effectively prevent infrared and thermal energy detection. The cloth attached to the sniper rifle is also for stealth treatment of the sniper rifle. Do n’t underestimate this cloth. This cloth can not only integrate the sniper rifle with the environment, but also prevent the reflection of the gun from being found. Finally, you can also absorb the gun when shooting The temperature of the tube. There is also a way for snipers to avoid infrared thermal imaging. For example, a TV show's protagonist's body is covered with mud to reduce the body's heat to a certain extent and avoid being discovered. And weather, environment and other factors will cause difficulties for infrared thermal imaging technology. Therefore, in the editor's opinion, the development of infrared thermal imaging technology is a spur to the development of snipers, and is complementary to each other. In the future battlefield, both will become the enemy's terrible demon.
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