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World's Advanced Tactical Vest

by:XinXing     2020-03-31
Tactical vest refers to the equipment worn by the military and the police to increase the carrying capacity of various ammunition. The high-quality military-standard nylon webbing is selected, which has the characteristics of wear resistance and lightness. It can be worn outside of bulletproof clothing, which will not cause obstacles to bulletproof clothing, radios, umbrella bags, etc. Equipment widely used by special forces, it should be noted that tactical vests do not have bulletproof functions. In addition to special forces, ordinary troops will also be equipped with tactical vests. However, there are many differences between special forces and ordinary troops' tactical vests, which results in the requirements of special forces for the equipment they use are much higher than ordinary soldiers. In addition to the advanced technology and reasonable design of the vest used by special forces, the durability required for manufacturing materials also increases costs.
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